MyMLE is a PC-program that allows you to create learning-content for your mobile phone.
You can create multiple mobile learning objects and pack them to a mobile phone application (J2ME). Over bluetooth, infrared or any other connection you can transfer this mobile phone application to your phone and install it there. Afterwards you can use your mobile learning objects on your phone.
You do NOT need any internet connection on your phone (so nothing to pay, no costs for using your learning content).

MyMLE is the best solution for everyone, who actually want's to use his phone for learning and doesn't want to pay anthing for it. MyMLE is open-source and therefore free to use by everyone.

What kind of phone do I need for MyMLE?
Every phone that supports J2ME. So that is basically every phone except the iPhone (For Blackberry and Android phones there are tricks on how to get the application working).

What kind of learning content can I create with MyMLE?
You can create any kind of learning content, it is totally up to you!
Here are some features you can use:
  • Flash-card trainer (file-card trainer) (eg: for vocabulary-learning)
  • Import flashcards from CSV files (you can export MS Excel files to CSV) [feature of the editor]
  • use images, audio and video in your learning content
  • Single choice questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • fill-in questions (text or numbers)
  • order-question (order statements)
  • graphical markup question (mark certain regions within an images)
  • the application solves the question immediatley
  • use hints (tipps) to lead the user to the correct answer
  • powerful point-system for the result evaluation
  • import text-content from HTML-files [feature of the editor]
  • Create a learning-content once and use it on multiple, different phones
Here are some screenshots from the mobile phone application:

Here are two screenshots from the PC-application which is used to create the mobile phone application and the learning content: