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The MLE project is NOT developed anymore, due to a lack of resources. Furthermore there is NO support. Please take a look at the documentation if you need help.
MLE-Moodle works only for Moodle 1.9.x. Moodle 2.0 will NOT work. Without a big investor this will NOT change in the future!

MyMLE - End Users
For private persons

MyMLE is for everyone, who wants to use mobile learning for himself. It allows you to create your own mobile learning content and to pack it to a mobile phone application, which you can use on your phone.


MyMLE is a stand-alone PC application (for Windows and Linux) which is easy to use. The mobile phone application it creates runs on nearly every mobile phone.


MLE-Moodle - End Users
For institutions/companies

An out-of-the-box mobile Learning system. Which contains everything you need to build a mLearning system. Easy to install and easy to use.

To use MLE-Moodle you need a web-server!


MLE-Moodle is a plugin for Moodle, which adds mLearning functionallity to this open-source eLearning system. The mobile learning area can be accessed with the mobile phone browser or with a special mobile phone application, which is designed for mobile Learning.


MLE mobile application framework - Developers

The mobile phone learning-application offers a very powerful mobile application framework for your own mobile projects.
Extending the MLE is very easy due to a plugin-system.

For developers only!


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