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Software parts of the MLE:

The whole MLE project consists out of the following software parts:

The mobile client (MLE itself):

This is the Java application (J2ME) which runs on the mobile phone. It is the end-user user-interface which runs on the mobile phone. If people speak of the MLE say mean this software part: the mobile client.

The gateway and messaging server:

These two Java servers (J2SE) are installed on a standard server with internet access. They are used by the mobile client to access the Internet in a more efficient way and for instant messaging. There are public gateway and messaging servers avaliable you can use for your own projects, so you don't need your own root-server!

The WYSIWYG-editor (MLE editor):

This is a "What You See Is What You Get"-Editor to create content (whole content packages) for the mobile client. This might be just some formatted text with images or a whole learning-object with interactive questions. This editor was desgined for people, who are not technicans and therefore have no idea on how to create contents with XML. Everyone can actually create his own content for the MLE with this easy to use editor.

Additional, non-free software parts:
The company eLibera offers these additional, non-free software parts: (please contact us for details)

Web-Parsing Extension for the gateway server:

This extension for the gateway server converts standard HTML, WML or RSS content to XML code for the MLE. It is highly flexibel and allows you to enhance the standard parsing algorithmen with custom parsing definitions for special WWW-sites. These parsing site definitions are written in XML and tell the server how to parse a special WWW-URL/-site.

This parsing feature can be used as an extension to the gateway server, or it can be outsourced to a different server: the Parsing Server.

Media Server:

The Media Server is a seperate server and extends the gateway and messaging server. It can convert any kind of media (Audio, Video, Images) to media formates suitable for mobile phones (eg: 3gpp, mpeg4, amr, amr-wb, jpg, png, ...). The converting process is started over the gateway server and the client is informed that the conversion is in progress. After the conversion has finished the user is informed with a message over the message-server that the conversion has finished.