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MLE Moodle is a M-Learning extension for Moodle (a very popular open source learning management system). You can either use our mobile phone application MLE (a special Java / J2ME mLearning-application) or you can use your mobile phone browser to access Moodle (in an optimized way for mobile phones). Check out the demo-page to try out both ways on our demo-platform.

Our goal is it to enhance an existing eLearning environment (created with Moodle) with mLearning. You should be able to learn with your PC / Notebook when you are at home or at the school. When you are outside, you should be able to continue learning with your mobile phone. All your learning activities should be synchronized, and no mater where you are or what time it is, you should be able to continue learning where you stoped it the last time.

We see mLearning not as a replacement for eLearning but as an enhancement. It offers you great new learning possibilities, for example supporting field trips with a learning environment based on mobile phones. You could support students in the field with mobile tagging / location based services (if they reach a certain location they would get additional information or assignments), the students could make videos/pictures with their phones and upload them to an assignment or to a discussion group.
The possibilities are great and if you have now a good idea for a new mLearning feature feel free to make a feature request ;-)

If you want to know what MLE-Moodle is capable right now, check out the MLE-Moodle feature page.

Further project info:
The MLE Moodle plugin is a fork of the MOMO (Mobile Moodle) project (MOMO project) which stopped their developement some month ago. We took over their PHP code and fixed every bug we found, enhanced the useabillity (especially the installtion) and optimized the mobile client even more. Please note that because of major fixes MLE-Moodle is NOT compatible with MOMO! Please check out the news for our official statement.