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MLE - Mobile Learning Engine:
The "Mobile Learning Engine" (MLE) is a comprehensive learning application. It transfers the computer-aided and multimedia-based learning (known as eLearning) to a mobile environment (to a mobile phone). This special kind of computer-aided and multimediabased learning is commonly known as "mLearning".
The MLE enables the student to use his mobile phone as a medium for learning. As a consequence it is possible to use every kind of waiting-time for learning, no matter where you are. Examples would be:
  • Learning while you are waiting for the bus or the train.
  • Learning while you are travelling.
  • Learning while you are waiting at the dentist.
  • ...
  • Learning, wherever you might want to learn.
The Mobile Learning Engine enables you to learn
wherever you want to learn,
whenever you want to learn and
whatever you want to learn.

The MLE is a content-independent engine for this kind of learning. It uses mobile phones to achive it's goal of ubiquitous learning, but caan be used on PDAs as well. New content can be very easily created with XML.

What else can I do with the MLE?
To create a computer-aided, multimedia-based learning engine was a great challenge, because it requires:
  • a heavy user-interaction with limited input possibilities (of mobile phones)
  • an intuitive and easy to use user-interface
  • the possibility to transporte a hugh amount of information on a small screen
The MLE achieves all that and as a side effect you can use the MLE for nearly any kind of task you could think of. For example:
  • As a Browser for a mobile Community-/Web-platform (or the whole WWW)
  • As a chat or mail application
  • As an eBook reader
  • As a client to access any kind of database
  • As a content/game distribution platform
  • Because you can extend the MLE very easily with new features, you can use the MLE for any kind of application/task you can think of!
In most of this cases, you just need to adept the user-interface (rewrite some XML-files) of the MLE and you can use the client as it is for your mobile-project without touching any code!