Using the MyMLE application:
Creating learning content with the MyMLE application is pretty easy. Just try everything out, if you need help on the various functions of the editor just click on the help-symbol (blue question mark on the upper right). Note: to reach the expert features - like creating interactive questions - click on the "Expert"- button on the upper-right it will open a new window with addidional features.

So start by creating a sample learning object and save it. Note: you can create a new blank learning-object by opening a learning-object that doesn't exist yet (so choose a filename that doesn't exist).

How do I get my learning content on the mobile phone?
Just click on the MyMLE button (upper left, second row). You are asked for a MyMLE-project file (create a new one or choose an existing one). Afterwards a new window appears.

In the first textbox you need to enter the path to a folder where the mobile-phone application with your learning content will be created (so click on the button on the right of the textbox to choose a folder).

In the list below you need to list all your learning objects (you have already created) which should be packed to the mobile phone application. Note: the current active learning-content will not be added if it is not in this list. So click on the button below to add (or remove) learning objects.

If you are finished, click on the button on the bottom to create the MyMLE mobile phone application.

Now you have a MyMLE mobile phone application filled with your learning content.

Please note: the bigger the learning content, the bigger the installation file of the mobile application will be. Some (especially older) phones have a restriction on the size of the installation-file and will quit the installation with an error if the installation file is too big (This happens on some older phones of the Nokia Series 40). On my Nokia N95 I succesfully installed a MyMLE-application with 25MB (it had lots of images), so it really depends on the phone you are using. My suggestion is: just try it out, in the worst case it won't work (but start with a small learning content!)

Which MyMLE mobile phone application should I use?
You may have noticed that you now have multiple versions of the MyMLE application (in the folder you selected).
Here are the three possibilities you can choose from and what they mean:
  • midp10 --> for old phones - highest compatibility: should work on every phone, but doesn't run in fullscreen and no audio/video playback is supported
  • midp20 --> for every current phone: video playback won't work
  • midp20_mmapi --> everything should work, video- and audio-playback will work, if your phone supports it (to be more precise: if the J2ME Version on your phone supports it: this means, even if you can playback a video or audio file on your phone [with the integrated media-player] it doesn't necessarily mean you can play it back with a J2ME application, but if you stick with 3gp [for videos] and amr or mp3 [for audio] it should work in most cases)
My recommendation: at first try the "midp20_mmapi"-version. If there is an installation-error or any other error during useage of the application, try the "midp20". If you still have problems try the "midp10"-version (should work in any-case, but this version is only for old-phones).
None of these versions work on the iPhone!

For Android (Google) or Blackberry phones use the MyMLE_X.Y_full_installer.jar, because this version can create native applications for these platforms. Please read the README-LIESMICH.txt for more details.

How do I install the application on the phone?
Please take a look at your phone manuel (or ask your network-provider) how to install Java-software (often listed under "installing games") on your phone. On most phones it is enough to simply transfer the JAR file to the phone (over cable-, infrared- or bluetooth-connection) and the installation will start automatically on the phone.

Most of the phones have a software to manage the phone (eg: the "Nokia PC Suite" for Nokia phones). This software useually offers an easy way to install additional software on the phone. So that would be an easy way to install your MyMLE phone application on your phone.

Usually you only need the JAR-file (mymle_en.jar) sometimes the JAD file is required too. Well you can find both files in the same folder if you need them. But as I said: the JAR file should be enough in most cases.

How do I use the MyMLE application on the phone?
Just start the MyMLE application by clicking on the MLE-icon in the phone-menu. Afterwards the MyMLE mobile phone application starts. Click on the "Install & Update" link. Here you can find all your learning-objects you have selected during the creating-process. You can install all learning-objects at once or choose to only install the ones you really need.

This installation process of the learning-objects is necessary to optimze them for your phone. You only need to do that once.

After you have installed your learning-objects you will find them under "local contents". Everytime you want to use them just go to "local contents" and click on your learning object. Now have fun using your learning-content on your phone ;-)

How do I update my learning-content?
Just pack your updated learning-objects to a new MyMLE-mobile phone application (redo the previous steps) and simply reinstall the whole mymle-application on your phone. Afterwards start the MyMLE application go to "Install & Update" and install all the learning-objects again. Now your learning-content is up-to-date.