Download & Install:
To download MyMLE click here and download the newest software release of MyMLE (highest version-number).

There are two installer versions:
  • MyMLE_X.Y_standard_installer.jar: is the standard installer which will work for most of the phones
  • MyMLE_X.Y_full_installer.jar: contains additional support [not tested] for Android and Blackberry phones, to deploy nativ applications for these platforms

Make sure that you have Java installed on your computer. If not (or if you are unsure) go to:

To install MyMLE on your computer, just double click on the MyMLE-installer (it is a JAR file). If you have Java installed on your computer the installation of MyMLE should start now (to start the installation over the command-line type: "java -jar mymle....jar").

After the installation has finished you are ready to use the MyMLE-application.

How do I use the MyMLE application