The MLE project started as a diploma-thesis by Matthias Meisenberger at the FH Joanneum Graz. The first Moodle plugin for the MLE was called MOMO and was developed by Andreas Forstinger.

Active partners:

eLibera OEG:

Main developer of the software projects: Matthias Meisenberger.
Design, support, marketing and sales: Ilias Lazaridis.

Partners from the past:

FH JOANNEUM, Informationsmanagement:

Initiator of the mobile learning project: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Alexander K. Nischelwitzer

Austrian project to evaluate mobile learning at schools.

Youtube video of the project:

Contributions: Andreas Forstinger, Alexander K. Nischelwitzer, Eduard Schittelkopf, Johannes Dorfinger, Andreas Holzinger, Matthias Meisenberger, Ilias Lazaridis, Sandra Schadenbauer and others ...

MOMO - Mobile Moodle developers:

Main developer of MOMO: Andreas Forstinger