MLE-Moodle 28.08.2009 07:11

a new release with 2 bug-fixes:
- a nasty quiz-bug --> so the quiz-module was not useable on MLE-Moodle
- guest access should now work

MyMLE 0.7 15.08.2009 15:40

I started a new MLE Project called "MyMLE". It is for all the people who want to use mobile Learning but do not want (or simply can not) use MLE-Moodle (because you need a web-server in order to run MLE-Moodle and not everyone has a web-server).

MyMLE is an extended version of the MLE-Editor which allows you to create learning content and to pack multiple learning-objects to a special MLE-phone client. This MLE phone client has no network access and is only a viewer for your learning-objects.

So creating your own learning objects and using them on the phone is now very, very easy and for everyone to use (MyMLE comes with an easy-to-use graphical installer and you do not need to configure anything at all). Try it out and have fun ;-)

New Servers and Problems 03.08.2009 16:37

okay, we finished migrating now to a new server, so maybe you experienced some problems in the past, if you used our server (checkout the step-to-step tutorial on how to get independent from our server)
all the demo-servers should work now too (like as well as the gateway and messaging server)

sourceforge is doing some migration tasks as well. So maybe the MLE-Editor help didn't work the last days, but it should work again.

to sum it up: everything should be up and running, if not tell us by creating a new thread in the forum.

MLE-Moodle 0.8.8 03.08.2009 08:23

MLE-Moodle 0.8.8 contains a few bug-fixes and a small new feature: images from Moodle activities (like Moodle quiz) will now be automatically resized for the Mobile phone access (see the MLE configuration to turn it off or to change it)

MLE-Moodle 0.8.7 19.06.2009 10:19

this release contains the last missing Moodle activity: "Moodle SCORM". Well do not expect too much. You can now open a SCORM package with the mobile phone browser. If the SCORM package actually works, depends on your phone. So if you have a phone with flash support, flash SCORM learning-objects may work (if they are useable on the phone is another topic ...)

But anyway, some people wanted this, so I implemented it. Besides that MLE-Moodle should work now in cookieless session mode too. If you configure Moodle in the cookieless Session Mode than MLE-Moodle is in this mode too. Otherwise MLE-Moodle tries to detect with the WURFL-Database if the phone supports cookies.

As always a few bug-fixes are included too. See the changelog for details.

There probably won't be any new features for the rest of the year (till we will hopefully get to the stable 1.0 version). So the rest of the year I will only fix bugs and add documentation. To reach a stable version I ask for your support to report bugs/problems with the software.

MLE-Moodle 0.8.6 29.05.2009 07:09

This release contains several bug-fixes, an updated MLE-editor version (multi-language support for help files) and a nearly complete rewritten internal download-server:
it is now possible to host your own MLE-client installation files on your own server (needs only 50MB) and are therefore completely independent of our server

furthermore we added now the following language packages for MLE-Moodle: es, it, pt (besides de and en)
they are not complete, therefore I hope someone can translate the missing language keys