MLE - Moodle:
MLE-Moodle is an out-of-the-box mobile Learning (mLearning) system, designed for mobile Phones.

It is realized as a plugin for the open-source Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle. Just copy the MLE-Moodle files to your Moodle-installation and your eLearning system is now a mLearning system too.

So with MLE-Moodle you can enhance your eLearning system to mobile Learning, and can learn either with your mobile phone (mLearning) or with your PC / Notebook (eLearning).

On the mobile phone you can either use the built-in mobile browser to access MLE-Moodle. Or you can use a special mobile phone application which was designed for learning on mobile phones (called MLE phone client).

What is mobile Learning (mLearning) and how is it realized with MLE-Moodle?
mLearning uses mobile phones as a medium for learning. With mLearning it is possible to use every kind of waiting-time for learning, no matter where you are. Examples would be:
  • Learning while you are waiting for the bus or the train.
  • Learning while you are travelling.
  • Learning while you are waiting at the dentist.
  • ...
  • Learning, wherever you might want to learn.

The Mobile Learning Engine enables you to learn
wherever you want to learn,
whenever you want to learn and
whatever you want to learn.

But if you are at home or at school in front of your PC / Notebook it would make no sense to use a mobile phone for learning. That's why the MLE is intregated with an eLearning system (in this case this eLearning system is Moodle). With your PC / Notebook you use the standard eLearning system, if you are away from your computer you can continue learning with your mobile phone.
A very good example is the flash-card trainer (eg: for vocabulary training): At home you learn on the PC, than on the way to school you synchronize the flash-card trainer on your mobile phone and continue learning where you stopped at home. In school you use your notebook with the school-wireless-LAN and continue learning where you stopped on your way to school.

With MLE-Moodle you can realize custom mobile learning szenarios:
  • for field-trips, where students should fill out quizzes or upload images/videos/audio reports or written reports in a forum
  • create location based learning szenarios with mobile tagging or integrated GPS
  • make quick surveys or quizzes in the classroom with the mobile phones and see the results instantly
  • ...