Features of the MLE Overview:
[under construction]


  • Whole use and navigation of the MLE is done with the joystick or the touchscreen
  • iPhone-like browsing through pages
  • easy to use fish-eye menu to access all important links at once
  • instead of one big screen (like mobile web-browsers) we have multiple pages you can browse through
  • the application looks on every mobile phone the same (not like other mobile apps!)
  • easy to change user-interface (because it is defined with XML)
  • avaliable in multiple languages (currently: english and german)

Content capabilities:

  • content is structured and formatted with XML
  • rich text formatting of text content
  • image integration in the text, pop-up window for large images
  • integrate audio and video in your content
  • integrate links to different pages, content objects, ressources, web pages
  • content packaging (compressed packages)
  • Bookmark content
  • Create one content --> works on all devices
  • no limitations

mobile learning:

  • Single choice questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • fill-in questions (text or numbers)
  • order-question (order statements)
  • graphical markup question (mark certain regions within an images)
  • the application solves the question immediatley
  • use hints (tipps) to lead the user to the correct answer
  • powerful point-system for the result evaluation
  • send solutions back to your server (learning management system)
  • offline and online learning possible

Flashcard trainer:

  • vocabulary training
  • flashcard training with the Leitner-System
  • long-time memory training of vocabulary
  • integrate audio, images and videos on your cards (pronunciation of vocabulary)
  • update and synchronize cards with a server

Multimedia features:

  • playback and record images, audio and videos
  • Use GPS location based infos (depends on phone)
  • Chat via bluetooth
  • Send files via bluetooth
  • Open and download files from/to your filesystem of your mobile phone
  • Start phone calls out of the application
  • Open flash-files out of the application

Network and Web capabilities:

  • integrate forms (textboxes, checkboxes, image, audio and video recordings) which upload user content to your server
  • link to web pages (wikipedia, dictionaries, databases, ...)
  • download new content packages from your web server
  • update existing content packages
  • Store viewed content to your phone
  • Efficient and compressed internet access / traffic

Instant messaging:

  • chat with your friends (without SMS!)
  • Send recorded images, audio or videos (without MMS!)

Extension and adaption:

  • easy way to add your coporate identity / change the look and feel (everything is designed via XML)
  • Easy to use Plugin-System: add custom features