You can try MLE-Moodle here, but please note that Moodle seems to be incredible slow on sourceforge. Sometimes it goes very well and sometimes it is slow as hell. I guess sourceforge is not a good Moodle host ...

Testing MLE-Moodle from the teacher-side
You can test MLE-Moodle as a teacher. Go to and login as student/student.

Testing MLE-Moodle with a mobile phone browser
This is a pseudo emulation of a phone which access the demo MLE-Moodle server like a mobile phone browser would do:
Open phone browser emulation or click here.

Testing MLE-Moodle with the mobile application
You can test the mobile application too. Therefore we use an emulation software called microemulator. Please not that multimedia-features like recording or media-playback won't work with this emulation software.
You need to download at least 1.4MB and you need to have Java 6.0 or higher installed on your computer.

Start the emulation of the mobile application